We’re two days out, folks.

Summer vacation means that we, the parents, are in charge of the kiddo’s daily programming. Some have camps to deal with, others have the cottage life, and  many of you carry on at your maximum and efficient pace!

I’m home with the kiddo for the summer. All summer. She’s an only child and she wants to spend each and every day together. I’m thrilled. She’s 7 and I know that I’m lucky to have her attention – such summers are numbered. But, I’m also slightly terrified.

I’m terrified of falling into a series of lazy tv filled days that quickly lead us to Labour Day. I don’t want a busy summer, but I’d like one filled with memories.  A summer charged with imagination, intention and one that feeds both of our souls.

Thankfully, neither of us have much interest in big summer attractions. Amusement parks and zoos are not on our radar as being an exceptionally good time. We’re more into the old school street parties, skipping rocks, and building forts. Cheap and cheerful is the name of our game!

So, in anticipation of the days where we find ourselves looking for something to do, I’ve started jotting down ideas. I’ve been creating a bucket list if you will.   The activities don’t have to be super amazing, they simply have to be something that we would actually do! Don’t get me wrong, there are some fabulous Pinterest inspired  ideas out there, but I’m looking to keep things real. 1970’s summer kind of real!

I’d love to know what you think and I would LOVE to add your ideas to the list!

Join us through the summer here, and at The Fantastic Girl, as we share our modest adventures together! #SummerBucketList16TO


*blog post about this will follow