LIFE May 19, 2016

Tulips, Tea and Macrons

Today was an afternoon of girlfriends, vintage plates, and yummy macrons from the local shop AG Marcons on the Queensway. It was almost too pretty to eat!


LIFE October 25, 2015

Under The Apple Tree

kiddoandbernadetteblogWe bought our house on a cool and crisp October day. The house, itself, was standard for affordable Toronto neighbourhoods – small, beaten, lived in, and worn. A lot of lives had passed through its doors. It needed a fresh start, and  so did we.

LIFE August 12, 2015

Fat Shaming

qtq80-lH4c1sThe other day an online friend was upset about a tweet that was shared by a “health & fitness” professional. The tweet read, and I quote:

“Fatty friends weigh us down. Not physically but mentally”.

Well now.

LIFE August 8, 2015

The 5 Year Mark


Today was the kiddo’s follow-up appointment with the Oncology group at SickKids.  This year marks her 5th year since being diagnosed and starting treatment.

5 whole years.

She is 6 and a half.

I can hardly wrap my head around that length of time. It’s a long time, isn’t it?  I often still relive each moment the day that she was diagnosed. I remember the look on the ultra sound tech’s face when she left the room. The call.  The meeting. The panic. The room spinning. My heart in my throat. The understanding, as the Doctor spoke, that our world was never going to be quite the same. I remember feeling instantly tired because I knew that the road we were about to go down was going to be very long and very hard.

LIFE August 4, 2015

Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

Untitled design (3)I figure if you’re going to do something, do it well.

This is how I feel about food. Ice-cream, in particular. I don’t believe in having ice-cream daily, so when I do have it, it is a full out treat. Full fat, full sugar, and full flavour. I’d rather indulge in a cup of that than a whole tub of low-calorie, low-fat chemical filled nonsense.